I'm going to be honest here and say that Blogging is not something I would ever see myself doing, but lately I find myself in a lot of positions I never thought I would be in so alas, here I am writing my first blog post. When focusing on what genre of photography that speaks to me the most, documentary photography comes first on my list.  I do enjoy the time with the school kids taking pictures of their variety of personalities. Newborns too are so much fun and with my youngest about to turn five, I love getting to be amongst the joy that a new baby brings to a family. Documentary photography is the ability to make time stand still. It turns a moment, a split second of life into something timeless. I feel like I am always watching for these moments. A Friday night dinner ritual with friends and the joy I see on my kids faces with this routine. A granddaughter on her grandmothers lap, playing with her necklace as the grandmother laughs with family around her. I feel so proud when I am able to capture one of these moments and I enjoy passing these photos on to unknowing photo subjects. When a client wants me to photograph an event or even just a day in their home, I am looking for these moments. These are not posed and are not forced. These images manifest themselves best when life is being lived. Potty training, doing dishes, making dinner, getting kids ready for bed...Everyday moments that deserve to be remembered...Moments that remind us that even in the most hectic and exhausting of days, this is life and it is beautiful.